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The afternoon started off with everyone sitting down in the crowded hall. While waiting patiently, the band started getting set up by tuning their instruments. Consequently the children were more intrigued to hear what they were going to play! 

Once the rock n rollers had finished tuning their instruments, they unexpectedly played a rock song. After that, they introduced themselves by telling us their names, what instruments they played, then demonstrating with a little tune on their instrument. 

Next, the band started playing lots of different songs from the 1900s to 21st century with a twist. Also, they encouraged the children to dance to the beat in the songs. 

Everyone enjoyed the day and the amazing event! We hope they come again if the band has a chance or opportunity. 

From the school Bloggers Mya.L and Olivia.J   



Welcome back after that well earned rest. Be sure that you prove yourself to your teachers as this is the term the teachers start to write your report.

  Today in assembly we learnt that Friday is World Environment Day and we have something in common with - Manchester City fc central midfielder- Yaya Toure. We share the world with him ,so take a leaf out of his book- making pledges and  speeches to save our planet.Be sure to think of ways to save electricity, water and most of all STOP POLLUTION!

         By Lizzie and Lucia.




 As you all know, today was the start of the year 6's and year 2's sats week. Good luck to you all - try your hardest and dont worry what ever you do, it is ok. Especially to the year 6's , worrying will make it worse so try to get on top of your nerves. Of course it will only last till Thursday so how hard can it be :-) ! 

Lizzie and Lucia 11/5/15



Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2 so today at Mount Nod we are celerbrating with street parties. Also in the morning Lizzie read a peom she had written in front of the school it went like this:

Victory to Europe 

Victory to Europe

It is VE day today 

say thanks to the soilders who won it

hip hip hurray


They kept morale up

singing songs as they went 

WW2 we defeted you 

go on you gents


Sadly we all know 

that many of them died 

they didn't see the happy ending 

but i am sure they had it in mind 


Feel sorry for the families 

hoping for there loved ones to come home

many are still missing some even dieng alone 

by Lizzie Carberry 




Happy St George's Day!  As you all know, Mrs Rose gave us all an assembly and we learnt about England's Patron saint, St George. There are many myths surrounding the legend St George, but of course the main one is George and the dragon. Would you be the only woman to survive ? Or would you be the brave , mighty George, boys?

                                         By Lizzie and Lucia


It is a new term, which means a fresh start for everyone. Also, it's the start of a summer heat-wave so enjoy the sunshine while you can.To do this ensure you ALWAYS have your P.E kit just in case your teacher ever wants to give you a little surprise of an extra PE lesson or an extra play-time on the field. The field has dried up, as a result, we can use our fabulous football goals and the sparkling stage.

 Moreover be smiley in the sunshine as we all know in Coventry sunshine never really lasts very long.  

By Lizzie and Lucia




Today in assembly,  Mount Nod pupils learnt about the importance of democracy and were quizzed on their knowledge.  It was a sucessful quiz, as many answered correctly, however one picture stumped us all. 

Well done to Sally D and Madison D who took it to themselves to look it up on the internet as set by Mrs Pachett. The right awnser ( if you already didn't know) was the first ever democracy and was in  Athens in Ancient Greece.

                                                 BY  Lucia and Lizzie 



On the 26th March, fourteen of Mount Nod's talented netballers took part in a match against Easten Green. We had 2 teams, the A- team and the B-team. In the A-team there was mostly year sixes except one talented year five who goes by the name of Lizzie Carberry. The A- team included: Holly D, Lucia M, ParisG-B, Charis H, Serena C and Lizzie C.The B-team included the likes of: Jade J, Amelia D , Bethan A, Amy B, Lily M, Oliva J , Mya L.

                                It was a great experience even though we lost both matches. As the A- team lost their match 4-3 with Charis H scoring 2 goals and Lucia M scoring 1 . The B- team lost 2-0. Whatever the score, Mount Nod will always be proud of them as they gave 100%.


                                                                          By Lizzie C and Lucia M 



   On Friday 11th April Mount Nod will be celebrating Easter by throwing an Easter assembly.All the

   children will be peforming easter songs in front of their parents etc, and all of their classmates.

   By the way, the Easter competion ends on the 09/04/14 (tomorrow.)

 by Holly Wooldridge, Daisy Francis and Niamh Yates.



   Last Friday there was a bingo night at school . Lots of people showed up including us two, it was a great

   success. Zac (Daisy's older brother), won a masive easter egg -yum yum .  Before that the year 5/6

   went on a school trip to the Think Tank - it was amazing ! Holly 's  favourite part was the

   science garden, it was fantastic . So was Daisy's .She said the same thing.

   by Daisy Francis and Holly Wooldridge 



   Tomorrow year 5/6 are going on an all day school trip to the Think Tank because we'e looking at

  electricity and circuits in science.  We have visitd the think tank before and it is amazing so

  were looking fareard to go again! We cant wait!

    By Daisy Francis and Holly Wooldridge


Yesterday afternoon ks1 held a recycling sale for a charity called Zoe's Place and raihsed a wopping £132 and still more to come .Zoe's Place is a hospice for ill and dying children and their families so this money should really help to make their lives better. So thankyou to all the parents and children who brought something at the sale . 

by Holly Wooldridge and Daisy Francis




Hi ,it's me Daisy who has broke her right arm and me Holly Wooldridge who is quite crazy ;)  .we were wondering what you got for your mothers on mother's day ? I ,Daisy Francis got my mum yellow roses ,a candle and a cup of tea and I, Holly got my mum 2 cardigans and a pair of slippers with breakfast in bed.. yum... see you all later, from Daisy and Holly.


       Science day! Ever tried building a tower out of SPAGGHETTI that can hold a CHOCOLATE EGG!!!! Have you ever dreamed of meeting a man who's a BEETLE?????!!!!!#AWESOME.Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt looking for bugs but instead you found a dead MOUSE(sqeeek) and made a balloon rocket. IT WAS SOOOO COOL!!!

     My favourite part of the day was when the Beetle man came out and frightened the life out of every one!!!!

    By Daisy and holly wooldridge 


  The RNLI (Royal National Lifebat Instution) came to visit us 5/6 and I Daisy Francis got to shout out a comand in the RNLI car and it came out of two speakers on the top of the car it was SO COOL!!!! I LOVED IT.

by Daisy Francis and holly w


 WORLD  BOOK DAY ! All this week we'e been looking at books based on citerzenship including the book The colour of home and The day Gogo went to vote. All of the books are great and we had many more fantastic activities on this day!!!! In year 5/6 MICHAEL won a Tom Gates book .

by Daisy  Francis,Holly Wooldridge and Morgan Hornsby


Yesterday, years 1 and 2 had a very special day, the day was called colour day. They had a lovely day and I saw them dressed up in their lovely colours! Years one and two had that day because they are starting their new topic and it is all about colours! Overall I think they had a lovely day and thank you for all the teachers that planned that!

By Roxie


All the pupil bloggers hope all of you had a happy new year and a lovely Christmas and enjoyed every second! Especially the new year`s fireworks!

This year we want to aim higher and achieve more and we have a moto called ad vitam paramus which means preparing for life. Last year was fantastic but this year is going to be better! THANK YOU and I hope you had a lovely year

By Roxie



Yesterday, The Young Shakespeare Company came in and they were fantastic! They acted out Romeo and Juliet. My favourite character is Juliet because she`s pretty and sensible. Some children got to act some parts out!The thing is, Romeo and Juliet`s parents have been having a family feud for generations and generations and generations. IT WAS THAT LONG AGO THEY DIDN`T EVEN KNOW WHAT IS WAS ABOUT! There are two families, the Montaques (Romeo`s family) and the Capulets (Juliet`s family). Romeo sneaks out to go to Juliet`s family party, because he wanted to meet a girl called Rosaline however he met Juliet instead and fell in love with her. A couple of days later Romeo decided he wanted to get married to her. This was a BIG step for him and Juliet but he was ready, so he proposed to Juliet and they soon got married. Juliet was meant to marry Paris, a relative to the royal family but she wanted to marry Romeo. The reason why Juliet couldnt marry Romeo is because of the big family feud. They got married but their parents did not know!

by Roxie


Mr Orr has arranged Christmas music rehearsals for the very talented pupils who will write their own songs, then - when the time comes- perform them; the top three will get to record theirselves on a proper CD! Mr Ore will also be helping everyone taking part ( including me and Lilly-Mae ) to make their own tune to the song as well.... He said ," Mabey one day the top three could get them published!"

The choir will be performing this Saturday at Myton Hospice.It is so soon, everyone is welcome there is also a fun fair for kids and grown ups.

Tomorrow the year 5/6's will be watching an amazing Shakespeare performance. It will be the dramatic Romeo and Juliet.

The author of hen in the wardrobe will becoming in this Friday to give and sign her books that she has wrote (The books are £5.99)

By Lilly and Jazmine


Keystage 1 are starting to rehearse their christmas plays; lots of people are very excited to watch them.

Days turn into weeks, turn into months; christmas is coming people so wrap up warm. The sun may be shining but the temperature is definitely dropping. Some people have predicted that there will be a little bit of SNOW!

Non uniform day on Friday... We are aware that we have already had a onesie day, but this is in support of something else. We would like to ask if the children coming in non uniform could bring a bottle or chocolate for the christmas fair.

Wrap up warm!

By Jazmine and Lilly-Mae 



Anti-bullying week has started and the school council had decided to do a small, half an hour, presentation! In groups - with around three to four pupils in - they visited each keystage 2 classes and talked about what bullying is, what you should do if it happends to you and what cyber-bullying is! Every pupil listened and I know for a fact that they took it in and have learnt something from today!

Another great thing everyone is looking forwad to is, even though it is very early, the children performing their own Christmas songs (that they have made from scratch). With help from Mr Ore they will be breathtaking!!!

And another update on Miss Mallier is that she is recovering and even visited school a few weeks back...

The choir will be performing at Myton hospice on the 30th of November.To make a good show we will need  15 or more pupils to perform, to tempt you more there is a fair. As well as that, Mount Nod choir will be singing at Young Voices in January! All the choir are very excited about this huge event...

By Jazmine and Lilly-Mae


Today has been a respectful day. We have had our two minutes silence and I have to admit, it was quite moving. I won't name them but some teachers were taking it all in and were showing their emotions through tears! It is quite scary when you think about it.

As well as the bitter sweet environment pupils are looking forwad to the Pyjamas/Onesie day, that the School Council have organised! For those that don't know about it, on Friday this week, everyone can come to school - incuding teachers - in their pyjamas or onesie!

Hope everyone has a good week.

By Jazmine.


Yesterday, Jaguar Land Rover came in to our school (5/6 in the morning and 3/4 in the afternoon). First they made a presantation about JLR, then after the presantation we got back to our classes and we started doing activites.In 5/6C we enjoyed doing  the maths packaging activity and in 5/6H we created clay cars and then we tested them with aerodynamics. Overall we enjoyed it very much and we our very thankful that they came in!

by Roxie & Alex


We cannot believe it! The clocks have changed and Autumn is working its magic..... darker nights means earlier bed time but it just dosen't feel right. I mean it's dark at 4:00pm! As well as that, Mrs Patchett's car windscreen was frozen! Autumn is here... Even the slight frost on the grass in the morning is a small sign. Everything is different in a very good and beautiful way.

Be prepared Autumn is here.............

By Jazmine


Yesterday, we all enjoyed the phenomenal rock band peforming fantastic songs like the Beatles songs, also Daft Punk, GetLucky and we had a quiz and one of the tunes was Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice!

In some classes, we had visitors from Tile Hill Wood that taught us Japanese and we learnt how to say:

We are 9 years old - nichi wa q si dis.

Bye and thanks for reading!

By Roxie and Alex



We are so excited to be the first bloggers on this fantastic Mount Nod website! Everyone is so excited about the spooky disco on Friday the 25th of October. "What a GREAT way to end the school week for the half term holidays," is what I heard some girls say on the playground.

We also would like to tell you that Ms Mallier is recovering very well, this is a very very good improvment!!!

Please come to our harvest festival, everyone is welcome (also bring tins if you can, by Wednesday,if possible).

From Lilly-Mae & Jazmine