Mount Nod Primary

Mount Nod Charter

At Mount Nod, we believe that primary school education should lay the foundations for life.

Our school motto, “Ad Vitam Paramus” We are Preparing for Life, reflects this belief and to this end we plan experiences and opportunities to enrich every child’s education.

The Mount Nod charter outlines the core opportunities your child will experience.

During their time at Mount Nod, every child will:

  • Watch live theatre performances
  • Have opportunities to learn a musical instrument
  • Take part in competitive sport
  • Have outdoor residential experiences
  • Camp overnight in and out of the school grounds
  • Watch live music performances
  • Participate in school productions
  • Have a Mount Nod “Buddy”
  • Attend a school club
  • Be part of the School Council via democratic voting
  • Visit and have links with other local schools