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Class Dojo

What is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is a school learning platform, for teachers,      pupils and families, which can be used to share what’s being taught at school. At Mount Nod, we are using Class Dojo primarily to support homework, but also as a way to celebrate good behaviour and achievements, and share updates.. This means that if a child is absent from school for an extended period, they can continue learning from home. Class Dojo allows children to access work in various ways and enables them to send work back to their teacher without having to print anything off. Pupils can receive feedback and rewards whilst parents can see their progress.

Why has Mount Nod chosen Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is used widely in schools across the country, as it is accessible and child friendly. Since we launched the site in school, we've had lots of positive feedback from children, across all key stages, and can see how motivated they are to access their accounts. Class Dojo focuses on building a positive school culture based on the skills and values which we embed at our school. Skills such as perseverance, teamwork, creativity, empathy, and growth mindset are encouraged and acknowledged through the Class Dojo points system and via positive feedback from teachers. This is in line with the ethos of our school and compliments our current approaches well.         

How the site will be used at Mount Nod
Predominantly, we will use the site for setting mini-challenges and homework, so that the children can get used to using the platform independently at home. We hope that in the event of any child having to self-isolate, they will have the skills in place to log into the site and access the work set by their teacher easily. Each child has been given a unique QR code to access the platform and parents are invited to join their child’s class community through the Class Dojo app and via email links.

Child Friendly and Fun! 

The Class Dojo site is easy to use, fun and child friendly. Each child has their own Class Dojo monster emoji which they can alter the look of, and they can collect points which can be converted into class prizes. Work is easy to access and hand in, at the click of a button, and the app can be accessed on any electronic device from phones to laptops.

Problems Logging in?

Each child will have been given a unique QR code by their teacher to bring home. This will enable them to access their personal account easily. For the QR codes to work, the camera setting will need to be enabled on the device they are using. Further details can be found in the links below. You can also visit the help desk at Class Dojo for support by visiting :

Should you need further assistance, please email your child’s class teacher on the year group e-mail.

E-mail addresses for each year group can be found in the Learning section of our website.

Logging in using the web

Logging in using an iPhone

Logging in using an Android Device

Class Dojo Letter/Parent Log in