Mount Nod Primary


A computer is like a violin.” You can imagine it making beautiful music, but you have to learn how to play it.” – Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft

Our aim in Computing is to prepare our learners for their future by giving them the opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills that will equip them for an ever-changing digital world. Our Computing curriculum focuses on a progression of skills in digital literacy, computer science, information technology and online safety to ensure that children become competent in safely using, and understanding, technology.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Alan Kay

We use the Teaching Computer scheme of work, alongside our Milestones, to support staff to embed and cover every element of the computing curriculum. Each lesson is sequenced so that it builds on the learning from the previous lesson and each of the themes is revisited regularly This helps to deepen children’s understanding of computing concepts and helps all pupils to succeed and thrive. Pupils at Mount Nod are encouraged to apply their learning in different contexts and make connections with other learning experiences through all the subjects taught.


We pride ourselves on providing learning opportunities that are accessible and ambitious for all learners, enabling all children to make progress and have a sense of achievement. We achieve this through sequential planning, allowing skills to be scaffolded and extended as appropriate. We also create an ethos of not being afraid to make ‘mistakes,’ but instead, for children to be risk-takers, problem solvers and to develop resilience.

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