Mount Nod Primary

Helping Your Child at Home

We strongly believe in the partnership between school and parents.

Working together helps children to learn and enables parents to feel confident in promoting learning at home.

To this end we have produced the following documents:


Reading Activities

Probably the easiest way to help your child is to read each day. Our leaflet will provide lots of activities to make reading an even more enjoyable and active experience for all.

Phonics and Spelling Guide

A short guide to explain what phonics is and how you can support confidently at home.


Our handwriting explained simply, with tips to ensure you can give the right advice to your child.

Additionally an Unjoined handwriting sheet for practise at home is available here.


These five guides explain how place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will be taught in your child’s class.

Maths at Mount Nod

A useful guide to the teaching of maths and ideas for things you can easily do to improve your child’s mental skills.

Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) 

These are exactly what they say they are - the key facts your child needs to know in each year group.

For KIRFs for previous terms, click here.



Our useful guide keeps parents up to date with what homework is expected of your child.

Additionally, we regularly hold Parental Workshops on a range of issues found to be important to parents in our parental questionnaires. Look out on our weekly newsletters for more information.

Parents may also wish to visit and for further tips and support.