Mount Nod Primary School

No Homework Weekend

If you are checking the website to see if your child is telling the truth when they said they have no homework this weekend, they are very much correct. This is due to them winning convincingly at our traditional ‘Beat the Teacher’ during Children in Need assembly on Friday. Although the teachers had been training hard, the children won round after round, beating the teachers 5-1.

Everything was all square after the first round which was eating an After-Eight mint off your forehead, without hands. Miss Hood and Cerys each gained a point for their team with their skilful manoeuvring meaning the chocolate mint was eaten very nicely. However, Blake and Mrs Mallier wiggled and twisted but only ended with chocolate all over their face and many mints on the floor.

Second round was won by Jensen and Keira who successfully, constructed the Pudsey out of jigsaw pieces, narrowly beating Miss Forrester and Miss Raymant, from Warwick University.

Round three was darts, the Velcro-ball version. It was the best of three, but the children did not need all three because by round two they had won them both. Jorge beat Mr Ahmed and Hetty beat Mrs Soderstrom with a whopping 420 score.

Round 4 was a Walking Relay Race around the classrooms but this ended up being quite controversial. Although Theo and Nelson got back to the start with all their tokens from each school councillor, when the teachers turned up later, they said they had been skulduggery as they had been trapped in classrooms when doors were mysteriously locked so they couldn’t leave. However, those allegations were ignored when it was reported that the teachers had being running, so Mrs Merrick and Mrs Cooke were disqualified, and the points once again went to the children.

Last round was finding as many Pudsey tokens as possible in the courtyard. This was a very close race with only a difference of one or two tokens, but it was Luke and Isabella who managed to beat Miss Patel and Mrs Chubb to thoroughly beat the teachers with a whopping final score of 5-1.

Hopefully next time the teachers will be successful, and it will be double homework instead. Better luck next year.

Thank you for all the contributions and support for Children in Need.

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