Mount Nod Primary

PEACE-KS2 Art Competition

Mount Nod Primary School has been invited to take part in the visual art competition co-organised by Peace Train with Coventry University.

Use these questions to help you think about how you can show what peace means to you.

Think about what peace mean to you? What images, words, symbols, feelings do you think about when you think about peace?


How do you experience peace in your everyday life? Think about how you feel, see, hear, experience peace in your life? Everyday or just sometimes.


Perhaps you do not have any peace! – What situation would show this best? How could you show this with artwork?


How does peace happen in school? Can you show this in a single drawing? Would it be better to draw several pictures and arrange them together?


Maybe peace is something you have with

  • your friends
  • your family,
  • your community,
  • your country

Any visual arts are welcome: drawing, painting, collaging, digital arts, as long as it is 2D picture; so no models or sculptures. Why not be daring, creative, or think about this in a different way. Please take care with presentation and put some though and care into your design.


There will be a small gift for everyone who enters and a prize for the winning design in year 3, year 4, year 5 and year 6.


Once the deadline has past, the school will photograph each entry and sent them to Coventry University, where they will become part of the Peace Train online exhibition, with a chance of winning an over-all prize.

Please bring all your artwork into school by Friday 23rd April 2021.


Apologises that the letter that was sent home suggested KS1 and Nursery could take part in this competition. Unfortunately, this competition is only for KS2.

Why not try the Easter Bunny competition or Royal Mail stamp competition instead .