Mount Nod Primary

Star of the Week

Our stars for the week ending 26th November, 2021


Nursery's Little Super Stars

All of Nursery- For being simply AMAZING in their first term at Nursery! 




Ben- for amazing mental maths work this week

Connie- for super independent writing this week. Well done


Charlotte N- For super maths work about 2D shape's

Kobi- For trying hard with this blending in phonics


Jessica- For trying hard in phonics and with her writing this week

Archie-For trying really hard in phonics and with his writing this week



Amelie- For working really hard in phonics lessons and for trying super hard with her reading

Hugo-For his fabulous contributions drawing class discussions and for super English work



 Jacob- For his hard work in English this week

Isla- For always being an all round superstar



 Lanah- For her super swimming this week

Dylan – For his super swimming this week



George- For creating an excellent creature in our English lesson based on Narnia

Fallon-For creating an excellent creature in our English lesson based on Narnia



Tom-  For his superb effort in English this week describing Narnia and characters. Well done

Braeden- For his great work in English with good vocabulary; effort; all round attitude; focus and attention



To all of 5F- For their excellent behaviour and showing great enthusiasm on our trip to Tudor World on Tuesday the 25th. Well done


Miss Hood's Class


Eve N- For showing super enthusiasm and contributing to class discussions. Always willing to put her hand up and answering many questions on the trip too.        Always being a Superstar

Jacob C- For super work in maths this week knowing when he needs to ask for help


Miss Patel's Class

Luka- For working hard in maths with his ‘can do’ attitude and trying really hard

Becky- For working really hard in maths

Whole Class- Brilliant attitude on the trip and representing Mount Nod well




Whole class- For behaving really well and doing the right thing on the trip to Tudor World. You represented Mount Nod really well and we are proud of you.



 Well done to all our superstars!

          We look forward to having another fabulous week next week!