Mount Nod Primary

Star of the Week

Our stars for the week  March 24th are: 


Mrs Savage's Class


Jessica-for working so hard in our phonics lesson and remembering lots of diagraphs in her independent writing

Mila-for super wild animal independent writing


Miss Godfrey's Class

Ellie-for fabulous effort in phonics. Always trying her best, always joining in and making lovely progress

Adam-for fabulous effort in phonics. Always trying his best, always joining in I'm making lovely progress



Mrs Chubb's Class

Gracie-for working hard and listening well in lessons this week. Keep it up

Alayna- for her super artwork



Mrs Harding's Class

Aviva-for working hard in maths lessons this week and for her super doubling skills

Daisy C- for working card in all lessons and for her super mental math skills



Mrs Whittal & Mrs Merrick's Class 

Daisy B-for working hard in her lessons and always having a smile

Charlotte-for her great descriptive writing in English


Mrs Bostock and Mrs Blunt's Class

Lewis-for his super plan for topic on redesigning the city centre. Lewis was able to decide what he wanted to keep and not keep and could explain why

Jamal-for excellent practise of times tables on TT Rockstars and always worked super hard in all math lessons



Ms Harvey's Class

Whole class-for being great ambassadors to the school I'm working well with visiting teachers




Miss Webb's Class

Avani-for her outstanding attitude to learning everyday

Diya-for being a fabulous role model all the time


Mrs Söderström's Class 

Whole Class-for being superstars in all lessons this week and being kind and helpful to the teachers




   Mr Ahmed's Class

Alfie N-for working hard, completing his work independently and tackling more challenging work

Stevie- for persevere ING and showing a better understanding of area and perimeter



Mrs Lewis' Class

Ariba-for her beautiful artwork drawing an Egyptian scarab beetle

Emma- for her perseverance and determination in maths and for fantastic descriptive writing

Miss Winterburn's Class

Toby- set increased effort and motivation this week- you produced some super writing

Ariba- for producing some excellent writing over the past few weeks- great editing too. A super conscientious learner



 Miss Mallier's Class

Harrison-for engaging brilliantly in lessons, putting his hand up and answering questions well

Florence-for great written work with super descriptions of Narnia. Keep it up


 Well done to all of our superstars!

          We look forward to having another fabulous week next week.