Mount Nod Primary

Star of the Week

Our stars for the week ending 23rd September 2022


Mrs Chubb's Class

Ella- for working hard in English this week

Ben- for super work in maths on place value



Mrs Harding's Class

Kyree- for working hard and trying his best in English lessons this week

Matthew-For being lovely and polite and working hard in maths this week


Mrs Whittal & Mrs Merrick's Class 

Melissa- for a super attitude towards her reading

Theo-for super settling in and an excellent attitude towards his work and others


Mrs Bostock and Mrs Blunt's Class

Sofia- for working hard in all lessons and always trying her best

Leah- For setting a good example for behaviour and always working hard



Ms Harvey's Class

Diya—For being a helpful and kind member of the class

Musa- for giving 100%, listening well and making fabulous contributions in class


Miss Webb's Class

Isabelle-For working hard during this week and always setting a good example

Alex- For working well in Mrs Hemming’s group for maths


Mrs Söderström's Class 

Evie G- For smashing maths work this week on place value- well done

Raffaella- For some super ideas about Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii for her writing story


   Mr Ahmed's Class

Blair - For coming back this week and working hard to complete her draught and final copy of her writing

Nkeoma- For always being ready for a challenge in everything she does, showing great perseverance when faced with challenges


Miss Nicklin's Class

Luke, For constant hard work and effort in maths. He is able to explain his methods and supports others

Hayden- For always willing to take part in discussions, sharing his ideas and methods. He is constantly excited by his learning


Miss Winterburn's Class

Year 6- For excellent work, attitude to learning, neat presentation. Fantastic!



 Miss Mallier's Class

Eva-Grace- For working hard in every lesson and working to improve her handwriting

Cole- For always putting his hand up to answer questions. I can always rely on Cole!


 Well done to all of our superstars!

          We look forward to having another fabulous week next week!