Mount Nod Primary

School Assemblies

At Mount Nod we firmly believe in meeting together as a whole school.

Assemblies are held throughout the week and are valuable times, spent with children, when we can discuss issues integral to our beliefs and values. Themes which are explored are then reinforced through class work. The assemblies are also a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate achievements, recognise good behaviour and showcase the wonderful talents of our pupils. 

Some of the themes we explore regularly are:

Our Protective Behaviours programme

The Rights of the Child


Life in Britain / British values

Respect and Tolerance


Religion and Beliefs

Star of the Week

Our Star of the Week assembly welcomes parents to join us to celebrate achievements, recognise positive behaviour and showcase the talents of our pupils.


Our 'Caught Being Good' system rewards children for acts of kindness shown around the school. If a child is 'caught being good' they are rewarded with a raffle ticket. The tickets are drawn each week in our assembly and children get to pick a prize. This encourages good behaviour on the playground and outside of the classrooms. 


In addition, we reward 'Good to be Green' prizes to children who have remained in the green section of the behaviour chart all week. Individuals can be chosen and whole classes who have remained in the green are rewarded with extra playtime.